The services provided by THE WOW MOMENT shall be in accordance with the published list of services as based on the discussion between Contracting Party & Event Manager

Prior to any event that is booked with The Wow Moment the Contracting Party must sign a booking form in which they agree to The Wow Moment’s Terms & Conditions. A copy of these Terms & Conditions can be found below.

The parties referred to in these Terms and Conditions shall be as follows:

a) The Wow Moment (‘The Company’ – supplier of services)
b) The Acceptor / Receiver of the said Services (‘The Contracting Party/ Contracting Party )

Payment Terms
The contracting party agrees to pay a booking deposit of 50% of total invoice value at the time of booking.
a) The remaining 50% balance on presentation of an appropriate invoice approximately one week prior to the event or before the beginning of the event (depending upon the date of finalization).
b) In case of any deliverables after the event, 40% payment on presentation of an appropriate invoice approximately one week prior to the event or before the beginning of the event and 10% at the time of delivery
C) Any extra requirements will be catered to with the Contracting Party’s consent on paying supplement cost.

The Company will only accept a booking upon receipt of written confirmation and once this is received a contract will be deemed to have been made. Until the booking deposit is paid and contract signed and returned, the Company shall be free to offer the date in question to other parties.

Cancellation & Alteration
If for any reason the Contracting Party cancels the booking, the following cancellation charges will be levied:
More than 2 months before the event 0% of the total cost
Less than 2 months before the event 30% of the total cost
Less than 1 month before the event 50% of the total cost
Less than 15 days before the event 75% of the total cost
Less than 7 days before the event 100% of the total cost

In case The Contracting party wishes to make changes to the services provided by The Company, extra charges will be levied depending upon the time frame left for the event

No alteration or changes in the services will be accepted by The Company five days before the event.

Change of Event Date
In case of changes in the Date of the event 30 days prior to the event date 10% of the total cost will be charged extra

Post Event Extras Invoices
Invoices for extras shall be payable no later than 14 days following the date in which the invoice is dated. All extras will incur a 10% administration charge.

Late Payment
If payment is not made within the terms set out above, The Wow Moment reserve the right to charge interest at 0.4% per week on overdue fees.

All rights to any images and video taken by or on behalf of The Wow Moment for the Contracting Party are retained by The Wow Moment. Where a CD of high resolution images or video is included as part of the package, The Wow Moment gives permission to the contracting party to use the images freely, however, ownership of the images remains with The Wow Moment.

Display Marketing
The Contracting Party hereby gives permission for The Wow Moment to display any images and video included in this contract in The Wow Moment marketing material, including case studies, literature, exhibitions, advertising, competitions and magazines and on websites. No use of any of the images will be used for other commercial reasons, except with written permission from the Contracting Party.

Liability for Damage or Loss
All the props, stands, frames, furniture, decorative items etc. used for the event are purely on the rental basis, any damage or loss done to the above mentioned items during the time of the event is to be borne by the Contracting Party depending on the material’s cost.

Images/ videos shown are just for reference and the original decoration may be vary as per the location & Budget.
All the team members of The Company (main & technical are to be provided with food & lodging) during the event.

Circumstances outside our control
a. We will not be held liable in the event that an Event or part of an Event cannot take place due to circumstances outside our control, such as, but not limited to cancellation of the Event by the party contracted by us that should carry out the Event or part of it or illness of the majority of our personnel or national strikes, including but not limited to public transport strikes.

b. In the event that an Event or part of an Event cannot be carried out, we will do our utmost to find a suitable alternative for the Contracting Party. If such alternative incurs extra costs, we will first consult with the Contracting Party and only proceed after the Contracting Party’s written approval.v